Profit growth,
Time savings,
automation of routine
Smartup is a cloud-based distribution, trade marketing, wholesale and retail management solution.
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Our Clients:
We have employee
solutions for every department
HR and payroll
Trade marketing
Track purchases and shipments in the system
Manage your inventory by expiration date and by lot
Analyze balances across multiple warehouses
Classify customers and manage relationship with customers
Start controlling the entire sales cycle by setting sales plans and selling marketable items
Keep track of field employees
Establish visitation rules for customer visits
Plan to visits customers
Keep track of trade equipment
Conduct surveys and store audits
Make photo and video reports
Manage your accounts receivable
Keep all records for all portfolios and branches in one system
Close periods for dividend payments
Create a staff schedule
Maintain payroll calculations
Calculate salary based on KPI achievement
We automate processes in the following industries
Manufacturing and FMCG distribution
We cover the full cycle of processes from taking orders at the point of sale to managing the effluent
Mechanical Engineering
Automate warehousing
accounting and purchasing
Thanks to the merchandising module, we help to audit base stations and monitor dealer network
We automate the control of materials and purchases
Automate the process of controlling pharmacy chains, sales and inventory management
Solving Problems
When process automation is needed
flip through
Poor quality data
The problem of bad data comes up when reports are submitted by departments that are interested in high numbers. High numbers can often have no basis and not properly monitored. Smartup automates the entire process and detects irregularities or fraud
Bloated staff
With automation, more and more business processes can be done with an ERP system rather than a person.
Smartup will take over a number of functions, and also highlight ineffective employees
The fall in indicators
Sometimes at first glance it is not clear why indicators are falling, you need to compare large amounts of data to get to the root cause.
With Smartup, you can create your own metrics to measure performance and track them on dashboards. It's quick and easy.
High competition
It is not easy to outperform your competitors by only increasing sales; it is more realistic to automate all processes and optimize the work of every employee.
Implement performance standards and speed up decision making with Smartup
Multiple systems
Instead of having multiple agent tracking, inventory, and sales-tracking systems with different interfaces, you can use one big modular system with a variety of reports for the right metrics Smartup
Management often uses excessive and constant control over employees, allowing no autonomy in decision making.
Give your subordinates the opportunity to prove themselves, while tracking their progress with Smartup's automated analytics process
The pain of any business comes down to keeping track of all the processes.
With Smartup this problem is easy to solve the dashboards will quickly show you what's causing the low score, and detailed reports will help you find a quick fix.
Reduced profitability
We integrate all your branches and organizations into one system so you can analyze all possible sales figures, optimize routes of visits, track the warehouse and control the movement of funds in one tool - the Smartup system
Extensive integration capabilities
Smartup can integrate with various systems: Oracle and SAP (databases data), Power BI (business#analytics), 1C (accounting system).
Netsuite Integration
Power BI
Spot 2D
Statistics based on surveys of our 43 customers in different industries
Monitoring of field staff
Successful visits
Improved client performance
Time spent to consolidate reports
Efficiency of trade equipment
ROI from promotional activities
Results of our work
How Pepsi Increased Point Attendance and Improved Performance of Visits
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Our solution has become a revenue tool for some of the world's biggest brands. Let's see what we can do for your business!
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