Updates from 20 July 2023

Updates from 20 June 2023

Customize settings, set filters and make your reports more convenient:

· Act of reconciliation date - drawing up an act of reconciliation on the selected date

· Counterparty - search for a legal entity or individual within one field

· Currencies - filtering transactions within the act of reconciliation by currencies

· Display the amount in the base currency - the equivalent in the base currency for transactions carried out in other currencies

The window "Act of reconciliation settings" deserves special attention

Now Smartup users have access to a wide range of personal settings, by applying which they can create the most convenient and complete document - an act of reconciliation. Paired or individual invoices and the accounts that will be reconciled in the report can be selected.

New parameter - "Base price"

According to the requirements of the Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the mark-up of distributors for medicines should not exceed 15% of the base cost.

With the ability to specify a base cost, Smartup users - medicines distributors, can track the mark-up chain and monitor compliance with the Law.

Separate accesses in the "Manual operations" window

The level of security and transparency of your reports has become higher!

Let's take a look at a real case

Previously, after creating and posting documents, the user could make changes and, when saving the changes, the documents were automatically assigned the “draft” status. That is, the posting was canceled and the document was saved as a draft.

Now editing posted documents is impossible, because the "edit" button automatically disappears. Completed documents can be viewed or cancelled. When the user cancels the transaction, a report on this action is saved in the history.

Sorting documents in the "Reports" section

Now in the settings of Integration #3 NEON, Smartup users can customize the list of documents by importance by setting a sequence number.

Due to the flexibility of the Smartup system, our clients work is simplified and automated!