Updates from 18 Aprel 2023

Dear customers, we are in happy to share updates of the Smartup system, which you will definitely use during work. We have made improvements to make your business processes easier.

1. Added a new "Order Consignment Report"

Consignment is a form of sale in which the distributor transfers the goods to the customer and retains ownership until the actual sale of the goods.

Dear user, now you can reduce your overdue receivables, track the amount and dates of consignments for each order, moreover with a click you will receive an order consignment report.

2. Implemented the customer categorization function

To make Smartup to segment your customers into categories based on their performance, you need to create a questionnaire, then, during visits to retail outlets, conduct a survey in the Smartup mobile application. Smartup will do the analysis, counting and categorization.

Questionnaires are generated in the web version of the system and are available for filling in the Smartup mobile application. You can also get acquainted with the results of categorization in the web version of Smartup.

3. Added the ability to make a double visit

Trust but check!

Now, while an inspection visit to the outlets, your supervisor can conduct a survey among customers to determine their level of satisfaction with the work of sales agents.

The new functionality gives supervisors the ability to evaluate the work of sales representatives with more automation.

4. Implemented the function of assigning a discount / markup to the entire order

Previously, in the Smartup system users were allowed to set a discount / markup for each product separately. As a result, employees spent a lot of time and faced the need to round up the total cost of the order.

Now the Smartup functionality allows you to assign a discount / markup to the entire order. Thus, we have solved the difficulties that you encountered earlier.

5. Added a new "Report on price tags of competitors"

Dear user, a new feature will help you automate the process of analyzing supply and demand in a competitive market.

Compile reports on your competitors' prices, build a strategy and sales plan for your products. And Smartup will help you achieve the maximum profitability of your business.

We remind you that this is only a small part of the changes. You can find a complete list of improvements and corrections through the link:


P.S. Get ready, very soon we will present a new feature that will surprise you!