Updates from 20 June 2023

Dear customers and readers, Smartup stands guard over the automation and optimization of your business processes. Meet Smartup updates!

1. Settings for monitoring the movement of funds

In the "Account Transactions" section in the Finance module, we added the function of customizing the report by the types of displaying transactions: "Transactions" and "Line by line".

Now Smartup users can apply various filters when downloading a cash flow statement between accounts in Excel format.

2. A new source for the Report Template

A real case of our client.

To move goods between our client's organizations, one of the branches sent a request for the supply of a certain product in a certain volume through the Smartup system. Our client, based on his resources, sent the goods to the branch. Upon receipt of the goods, there were difficulties due to the discrepancy between the number of requested and actually delivered goods.

Now Smartup users can create an invoice for the movement of goods between their branches based on a request. This allows you to keep a correct record of the requested and actually delivered goods.

3. The transaction table has been improved

Smartup users no longer need to spend time on consolidating the results of the transfer of funds between organizations, the system will independently sum up: the total amount, total net weight and total gross weight.

Automation will allow our clients to save time spent on data consolidation. It will also eliminate the influence of the human factor and the risk of making mistakes in the calculations.

4. Order of currencies in reports

Added the ability to set a convenient order of currencies in the Smartup finance section. The customized order will be applied automatically to all reports containing multiple currencies and generated in the finance section.

The function that allows to set personal settings and highlight priority currencies will help users focus on important indicators in reports and take appropriate actions.

We remind you that this is only a small part of the changes. You can find a complete list of improvements and corrections through the link: