How Smartup helped to improve distributor’s efficiency

The article tells about a true story of a well-known sausage brand distributor which set up the distribution process and simplified product inventory due to the flexibility of the Smartup system.

Previously, the company’s distribution process was quite complicated. Company sales representatives made applications for goods supply in pieces. Upon the arrival of the order at the retail outlet, forwarding agents weighed items and filled a paper invoice on the fact of the shipped volume of goods.

The completed document was sent back to the distributor's office, where the company's operators reissued the initial application and entered numerical data on the actually shipped products in kilograms. Due to the large amount of work, complexity of accounting and necessity to close applications on the same day, the company's employees had to work until late hours. Since, in order to complete shipment, operators re-filled documentation that had been filled earlier.

However, due to the flexibility of Smartup, the issue was successfully solved. Two “nominal” organizations in the Smartup program was created: the first organization is responsible for the formation of applications and virtual accounting of products in pieces, and the second one – for accounting products in kilograms and online closing of applications instantly.

A Pre-sell agent makes an application for goods supply the first organization in pieces, and a driver (One-sell agent) weighs corresponding items and fills in the invoice. After products shipment at the retail outlet, he closes the application in kilograms in the second organization.

Here is an example to make the process clearer:

The sales agent generated an order for 10 pieces of Yangilik chicken in the first organization.

The driver brought the order to the outlet and weighed the products. The total weight of actually shipped products was 12 kilograms (10 chickens weighing 1.2 kilograms each). The driver, who is a sales agent, enters information about the weight of the delivered goods into the Smartup system and closes the application in the second organization.

Due to the implementation of Smartup, the distributor has significantly optimized its business processes and improved the quality of customer service. Now the company’s employees close retail outlet’s applications on the same day, which speeds up the delivery of products.

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