Increase distribution efficiency using a Telegram-bot

Are you a manufacturer or distributor of products and want to take your business to the next level?

We are pleased to present a new Smartup module – Telegram-bot, which will help improve the relationship between the distributor and the retail outlet, and as a result will lead to increased profits for both parties.

Telegram-bot access is provided exclusively to Smartup clients, since all settings and conducting analytics are available in the desktop version of Smartup.

Benefits available to manufacturers and distributors

Connecting a Telegram-bot will provide our clients with a wide range of tools for effectively running a business and increasing the efficiency of work processes, as well as the ability to set personal settings.

🔹 To independently provide and limit access to the bot for retail outlets. The link to the bot is in private access, that is, the Smartup user decides which outlet to provide the opportunity to make orders through the Telegram-bot.

In the basic settings section, the user can set personalized settings for each of the outlets:
• Work area

• Staff

• Price type for orders via bot

• Project

• Warehouse from which the goods will be shipped
The “Price type for orders via bot” tool provides users with the ability to flexibly configure catalogs for certain groups of customers: for customers ordering goods in bulk - a catalog at wholesale prices, for retail - retail prices.

🔹 To create informative product catalogs. The user creates a detailed product catalog once and receives accurate orders. The Telegram-bot also has the ability to add new products to earlier created catalogues as needed.

🔹 To create advertisements in telegraph message format. The Telegram-bot allows users to carry out attention-grabbing mails about new products going on sale, promotions and discounts. Every retail outlet will know about important and profitable offers!

🔹 To receive orders for goods online. Due to the connection of the Telegram-bot, users will be able to increase their sales rate, since retail outlets will be able to make orders independently, rather than wait for a scheduled visit from a sales representative.

🔹 To send notifications when the consignment date has been reached. In cases where the system provides for consignment, the Telegram-bot will send notifications to outlets about the need to make payments. It will build trust and reduce accounts receivable.
Consignment is a form of sale in which the distributor transfers the goods to the client and retains ownership until the goods are sold.
Bottom line: connecting a Telegram-bot will allow Smartup users to increase the profitability of their business, automate the ordering process, improve relationships with retail outlets and simplify the work of sales representatives, and in the future even reduce staff.

Benefits available to retail outlets

The Telegram-bot takes into account interests and solves important tasks of retail outlets, namely, it allows them to make orders and track the dynamics of financial transactions independently.

🔹 To view the catalog of products available for order. Now retail outlets have access to product directories, which include detailed information about all distributor product items available for order.

🔹 To make an order online at a convenient time. Telegram-bot provides a unique opportunity to place orders yourself at anytime and anywhere. Retail outlets no longer need to put up with the out-of-stock situation and wait for a scheduled visit from a sales representative; they just need to select the necessary items from the directory and make an order through a Telegram-bot.

🔹 To view information about balance. Financial issues always have a status of high importance. Therefore, we have provided retail outlets with the opportunity to monitor and control their balance.

Real case

In the financial statements of the distributor “Happy Business”, a cash gap arose with sad frequency. The reason was that during the visit, the sales representative collected payment for the delivered goods, but did not deposit the full amount into the outlet's account. He borrowed money and summarized that the goods were sold to the outlet on credit. In the next period, he returned the funds and closed the debt.

As a result, the relationship between the distributor and the outlet deteriorated due to delays in payments and outstanding invoices.

The Notifications tool will solve this problem once and for all. The retail outlet will receive a notification that funds in the required amount have been added to the balance via the Telegram-bot.
Notifications are a section that will help users build trusting relationships with their clients – retail outlets, and will also help increase customer loyalty.
🔹 To receive notifications about hot offers. The Telegram-bot allows retail outlets to learn about the release of new product items on the market, the arrival of previously unavailable goods, as well as promotions and discounts on the day of their launch. Notifications about promotions, discounts and advantageous offers come through a Telegram-bot, which allows you to instantly go to the distributor’s directories and place an order.

🔹 To receive notifications about changes in order status.

After creating an order, the outlet receives a notification that the order has been successfully “Created”. The second notification arrives after the order has been loaded and “Left” for the retail outlet. And the final notification - “Delivered”, comes to record the fact of delivery of the order to the retail outlet.

🔹 To receive notifications that goods have not been purchased for a long time. On average, a retail outlet makes an order for goods every two weeks. If the last order was made more than two weeks ago, the system will notify the retail outlet about the need to place an order to avoid an out-of-stock situation.

By default, the system sends notifications after 15 days from the date of placing the last order. However, users can set the desired number of days, after which Smartup will send a notification via a Telegram-bot.

If you are looking for a solution to simplify work processes, increase the efficiency of your business, and increase profits, pay attention to Smartup, a program for automating business processes for manufacturers and distributors. Smartup has a wide range of capabilities - from managing a sales team and trade marketing to managing inventory, eliminating overdue or frozen capital in illiquid positions.

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