5 Strengths of a Supervisor

The supervisor's job is to increase sales by making the team more productive. In addition, the supervisor acts as a link between senior management and employees: he defends the interests of his subordinates, and reports on the implementation of plans to his superiors.

Key tasks of a supervisor in the field of distribution:

· Increasing sales

· Ensuring that the order meets the requirements of the MML-matrix

· Expanding the number of outlets

· Developing and managing the team of sales representatives

· Accounting receivable control

The work of a specialist consists of:

· Recruitment and formation of an effective team

· Setting tasks for subordinates (sales plan and MML plan)

· Drawing up and optimization of routes of sales representatives

· GPS tracking and tracking of visits, control of photo and video reports of sales representatives, as well as promotions

· Training of new agents

· Tracking the total and active client base

· Reporting, analysis of results and calculation of their agents' salaries

· Optimization of team work and getting the most out of each employee

· Resolution of conflict situations
That is, a supervisor is an employee who organizes the work of the group and is responsible for the results of its work.

What superpowers should a supervisor have?

Personal qualities: communication skills, non-standard thinking, the ability to analyze situations of varying degrees of complexity.

Leadership abilities: initiative, willingness to take risks, stress resistance and strong-willed character.

Discipline: the ability to respond quickly, be demanding (primarily to yourself), the ability to instantly perceive and assimilate any innovations.

Profile knowledge: firstly, the basics of marketing and sales techniques, since the main goal of his subordinates is to influence sales and increase their number. Secondly, understanding the preferences, interests, motivation to buy the target audience.

Empathy and high emotional intelligence: compliance with the rules of business ethics, knowledge and practical application of the psychology of communication.

However, even a complete set of all these qualities, in the absence of the right IT tool, does not guarantee good results.

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