How to improve the quality of visits using Smartup

Automation of business processes during visits to an outlet is a necessity; without it, it is more difficult to control the work of sales representatives. Therefore, in the long run, the lack of automation leads to loss of profits and the loss of new opportunities.

In order for everything to go according to plan during the visit, automation is needed. Smartup has a module – ‘Visits’, in the settings of which the user can specify steps that must be completed while visiting an outlet. In addition, the user can track the merchandiser or agent by GPS.

Preparation. At the beginning of the working day, the sales representative gets acquainted with the plan, analyzes the goals for the day and sets priorities.

An outlet analysis. The sales representative evaluates the shelves, reviews promotional materials, and checks the availability and expiration date of goods. When planning a visit in Smartup, the user can specify the actions that the sales representative is required to perform, for example, a photo report before and after the visit.

Making an order. The following factors should be taken into account:

• Average sales for the previous period

• The presence of a promotion or advertising activity in the period

• The onset of holidays

• The situation of competitors

All of the above steps can be automated and completed in Smartup. Moreover, Smartup allows to check the stock.

Summing up and preparing for a new visit. Based on the results of the visit, we know at what time it was held, whether the order and photo report were made, whether the leftovers were removed, whether the survey was conducted. This information will help to improve the efficiency of sales representatives and increase business profits.

Compilation of a report. Collecting data manually, driving it into a table and analyzing is no longer needed. Smartup generates reports automatically!

In this article, we have covered the functions of only one module of Smartup. Our system offers opportunities to automate the processes of each department of your business.

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