Fusion of work and pleasure

Recently, the Green White Solutions organized an unforgettable corporate trip to the UAE for its team. During the trip employees had the opportunity not only to relax and improve team spirit, but also to evaluate the results of the company.
The first four days the team spent in the resort region of the UAE – Ras-al-Khaimah, where the management of Green White Solutions – a company that includes Smartup, Verifix and Darmon, held a conference. On the conference, the founder of GWS, Abdukakhhor Tashmukhamedov, spoke about the company's achievements over the past year and presented the strategy for the next three years. The conference became an important event for all participants on the way of receiving valuable information and motivation.
The second half of the trip the team spent in Dubai. These days were devoted to have a rest and strengthen team spirit. The city of destination was not chosen by chance. Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world with innovative technological infrastructure and unique attractions.
Employees were engaged in group sports such as football, tennis and basketball. They rode SUP boards, spent time in the pool and enjoyed the beauty of the UAE. More over they visited the most popular and interesting places of the city. Simultaneously with having a rest, employees explored the possibility of Green White Solutions entering the UAE market.
The strategic task that made the trip special was to rise team spirit, improve the quality of communication and increase the motivation of employees. To achieve this goal, special events were held.
The trip was productive: GWS team members gained knowledge of the latest technologies, generated ideas for business development, as well as established useful contacts with industry leaders and new partners for cooperation in the future.
In GWS such trips are organized annually. It is a great way to increase team motivation and unity. One of the GWS’s priorities is to create a comfortable team environment where each employee works in a stable and successful company, and also feels part of a large and friendly team.

To summarize, the Green White Solutions team trip to UAE was impressive. Team members visited a new location, gained knowledge about business opportunities in another country and, of course, became even more united. Employees were filled with motivation and desire to reach new, higher goals.