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Automation of business is a key to success in any activity. First of all, in trade. Therefore, we offer a universal Smartup Trade solution, a program with which business process automation becomes not only real but also as much as possible simple to perform. 

Automation of business in Uzbekistan: Why it is so important?

Under fierce market competition companies are forced to exert efforts in order to lead the market. Namely:

- minimize costs of accounting processes and information collection;

- reduce the time spent on monitoring implementation of various operations;

- provide for timely identification of ineffective employees;

- minimize the influence of human factor that can result in errors and shortcomings.

- provide for data security.

Previously, implementation of all the tasks in complex seemed impossible. But only until we created Smartup Trade. System implementation takes less than 1 week. That means you will be able to relax soon and start to benefit from implemented automation


Automation of enterprise business processes with Smartup Trade ERP system: opportunities 

Our business automation system will bring sales processes and related procedures to a completely new level. It will be much easier to perform them than before. In addition, Smartup Trade ensures the efficient performance of full range of tasks and reduction of costs of processes related with sale of products. Do you want to know more? We will tell you!

1. Sales monitoring, products movement monitoring and time recording. 

You will always know the sales amount of your company for a definite period by using the system. Moreover, you will be able to identify inefficient employees and find more efficient, as well to know what your sellers are doing during working hours. 100% automation of sales representatives’ work and control over their work are possible now.

 Have you hired a new employee? The system will help to complete this training!

Smartup Trade ERP system will help identify your main, regular customers. Yes, there may be few of them. However, it is precisely the part of the customer base, according to statistics, that makes 80% of sales. This tool of business automation will also help in clarifying the customer’s preferences - with its help you will know exactly what your customers prefer to buy, and which product should be discarded or whether to begin its active marketing promotion. 

The system also monitors the products movement between warehouses and sales outlets. It is much easier now to monitor shelf life of goods than before. As no one wishes to expose company’s character to attack due to the sale of expired goods. Smartup Trade will help to avoid such risks.

2. Automation of sales department operation: one solution for all branches.

Smartup Trade is a solution for trade optimizing, indispensable in situations when it comes to trade automation and monitoring of trading processes in several remote branches at once.  Need to monitor sales in sales outlets? The system can do it as well. Just think - you can control all the business processes in your organization, even while sitting in your office!

3. Ability to store all data in one place.

Of course, collection, processing, systematization and storage of information are invariably associated with certain difficulties and costs. The situation is similar with data security. 

Smartup Trade Workflow
From the order acceptance by sales representative to business owner who makes key decisions. 100% guarantee of data security and protection against information deletion by unqualified personnel at all the stages.


Using Smartup Trade, you can:

- reduce cost related with performance of mentioned tasks;

- stop worrying that information about your company activities will be lost or will go to competitors.

Our system also allows solving many other problems related to trade, accounting and financial accounting, business process management and others. A unique feature of Smartup Trade is the ability to implement additional modules. Therefore, we will always be able to select the optimal solution, customized specifically for your business!

Our company cooperates not only within Uzbekistan. We are always glad to cooperate with companies from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and CIS countries!

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Do you want to learn more? Call us and we will tell you about all the possibilities of business processes automation!