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Shamaeva Tatyana

Our company, having branches in several cities of Kazakhstan, needed to create a single customer base that would combine the data of all regions of presence, and this was helped by the possibility of multi-branching in this system. Also, the ability to integrate Smartup Trade with 1C organization played a significant role in choosing a program for automating the company's work, which allowed us to work much faster and more efficiently in all areas of distribution. And the work of the technical department pleased us with effective solutions to the tasks that our management set before us. Azamat LLP advises choosing Smartup Trade with the ability to integrate 1C organization.

Andakulov Ayat

The implemented Smartup Trade ERP system with 1C synchronization covered all the company's pain points - it helped to build a full sales cycle, automate the processes of the sales department, warehouse and logistics. Before implementing Smartup Trade solutions, the organization was faced with the fact that the process of accepting orders from outlets took a lot of time, and this slowed down the interaction with customers. The cloud solution allows you to be sure that in any situation, the organization’s work will not be interrupted.

Murzakhunuly Alibek

The company provides quality support for the developed system. A complete history of changes and comments on tasks is available, the monitoring system allows you to monitor the progress of work and, if necessary, make adjustments. Smartup Trade was able to be implemented without subjecting the current 1C to significant changes, which allowed it to remain operational. Many thanks for the professionalism, prompt solution of emerging problems and the high qualification of full-time developers.

Kasimov Yernar

To automate the distribution, there is a huge amount of software (for example, Agent Plus, etc.). We opted for the Smartup Trade ERP system. This is one of the most effective programs for business automation across all departments of the organization. Smartup team is always in touch if there is a need for help for our employees. The program is easy and simple to install (there are video tutorials on setting up and further work). Smartup has a friendly intuitive interface that allows you to quickly train a new employee of the company. A beginner can immediately understand the program and start working on already debugged territory. And on a note, it turned out that the Smartup ERP system is suitable not only for Trade, any organization with any type of item can work in this program.

Iglikov Suinishbek

Thanks to the introduction of Smartup Trade, all work is carried out at the planned level, this allows you to directly manage the work of each team member, solve any problems as quickly as possible, change the direction of employees and the sequence of tasks. We highly appreciated the professionalism of specialists, the responsible attitude to the tasks, as well as the level of relations with the customer that is in line with the modern standard.

Adylov Ilkhom Alisherovich

Our company has been using SmartUp for a period of 6 years. During this period, the program was optimized and new functions became available. Launch of automated software plays a very important role in our business that is why we choose SmartUp. Technical support staff and software developers operate promptly. If any help or change in program is required, technical support and programmers will provide support at any time.

Yarmukhamedov Farkhod Khamidovich

Everything is possible with Green White Solutions. In a little more than a year, we have developed and implemented super-ambitious, sometimes audacious projects, which have no analogues in the world for now! Green and white enter global market of IT-products.

Lee Si Sung

Our company has been using SmartUp software for more than a year. This program fits perfectly for business process optimization. Thanks to the program, we spend little time for reporting and spend more time with doctors and pharmacists to provide extensive information about our activities. Special thanks to the managerial staff for their efficiency and responsibility. In addition, I wish prosperity to your company.

Samatov Samandar Tursunpulatovich

The work of sales staff has been much automated since our company’s transition to SmartUp program. Firstly, it saved the time of sales representatives by automating the collection of orders, collection of debts at sales outlets, and most importantly, it helped to view reports on all lines of sales quickly and conveniently. It allowed collecting information on each potential customer, controlling the movement of sales representatives using GPS navigation, building a specific route, controlling merchandising, keeping records of cash transactions. SmartUp’s professional team always helps in solving program issues, as well as always considers customer’s suggestions and requests.

Djonmakhmadova Shirin

We have been using SmartUp for 6 months. Monitoring of sales representatives is a huge advantage. We can exactly see how much time each visit takes and what its effectiveness is. It was very important for our company to see accurate sales of our distributors, and thanks to implementation of SmartUp we can see not only resale but detailed stock balance of our distributors. This greatly simplifies the operation of business processes.

Gulamov Akmal Alisher ugli

SmartUp HR program has created many facilities for us. Its functionality allowed us to keep full and detailed report of HR database. The program allowed us to optimize work process and increase efficiency coefficient of wage calculation.

Atabaev Ulugbek Ubaydullaevich

The staff of "Hydrolife Botllers" LLC notes a high level of cooperation of employees of "GREEN WHITE SOLUTIONS” LLC. We would like to specify the convenience provided by Smartup when setting up work processes.

Shukurullaev Umar Abdurakhim ugli

After our information base was hacked some time ago, I entrusted my company to Green White Solutions. And it says it all. In addition, for almost a year now we effectively cooperate with them being on the same page. The best ones select Green White Solution.

Sobirov Abduvohit Mirfayzievich

HI TECH LABORATORIES recommends SmartUP. Thanks to SmartUp we were able to establish analytics, now it is easier to evaluate staff’s effectiveness.

Khakimov Abdulla Mirazimovich

Benefit: systematization of all work processes, sales analysis on-line, sales forecasts generation and many other things Bayer recommends SmartUp.

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