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Retail and Wholesale

Automation of trade (both wholesale and retail) is the implementation of software solutions in the enterprise. Properly selected CRM-system will allow the enterprise to:

- reduce company costs;

- motivate staff for more productive and high-quality work;

- minimize the risks of errors and omissions during preparation of reporting documentation;

- increase the number of customers;

- and also solve many other problems.

As practice shows, not every company can choose the right ERP system. And even - not every company specializing in the development of such solutions. The complexity of the selection is explained by high degree of specificity of each separate trading company. And by the fact that 90% of today's business automation systems are not flexible enough.

What shall be considered when choosing a system for the automation of wholesale and retail trade?

Of course, when choosing a software, it is necessary to consider all the specific features of your business, as well as the possibility of modification of finished software solution. In other words, it shall be flexible enough.

Speaking about the specifics of the enterprise, it is necessary to take into account its structure, type of trade (wholesale, retail), main tasks, specificity of staff operation and other aspects. In addition, it is important to make sure that the supplier company, which offers you its own business process automation system, provides not only its implementation, but also the training of employees who have to work with it. Ideally, the implementation and adjustment of software should occur without interrupting main work of the company, because interruptions or downtime always brings losses for customer company.

SMARTUP: How do we create our products for sales automation?

In developing an industry solution, we have created a program package for sales automation in wholesale and retail. The entire line of offered programs is notable for:

- flexibility of installation and capability for updates by adding various modules;

- efficiency of installation - implementation and launch process takes 3-7 working days;

- possibility of implementation without interruption of main activity - with us you can work without downtime;

- security - each solution is equipped with a multi-level access control system. Moreover, each employee has access only to that part of the data, access to which is implied by his position. While company head has access to all the data.

After launching and configuration of the automation system, we will teach your staff how to use it. Having questions or difficulties? We provide timely technical support.

What problems does business automation in Uzbekistan solve?

Using our software products, you can not only sell more, but also increase the level of after-sales service for your customers. In wholesale and retail, it is very important to serve the buyer competently after the transaction is closed. Thus, you provide not only good impression of the company on customer, but also turn a one-time customer into a regular one. In addition, he, on occasion, will send his friends and relatives to you.

You will know exactly why and where customers come to you from, who turns to you most often, who buys more and why the purchase was returned. Such data will allow you to get to know your main customer and think about changes in the work of the company.

It will become easier for you to coordinate the work of both your staff and suppliers. Similarly, this statement applies to the customer network. Using system tools and functions, you can easily control the entire supply chain, starting with material and technical supply, ending with the regulation of contracts and related operations.

Using our developments, you can easily create a system of accounting, control and motivation of staff. You will be able to control and filter out not only office employees, but also mobile sales agents, tracking their movements and work results.

We work not only with companies located in Uzbekistan, but also with enterprises operating in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.

In order to get acquainted with the proposed solutions, fill out an application on our website or call us. We promise - we will find something to offer for optimizing your business!

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