Retail Audit

If you want to reduce costs and monitor compliance with their retail standards, then it makes sense for you to use tools such as retail audit of the outlets. 

Retail audit is the most often needed in three cases.

Firstly, to developing retail operators with still unrealized growth potential. Usually there are an interest in optimizing the sales space, increasing the efficiency of staff, reducing costs, improving work with stock.

Secondly, the stagnant retail business. Typically, these are small (up to 8-10 stores) retail networks with a limited administrative apparatus. Most often, they need help in restructuring warehouse stocks, motivating staff and monitoring the quality of retail representation.

Thirdly, large retail chains. They are usually interested in assessing the quality of the work of the staff (sale representatives, merchandisers, administrators), working with KPI (average check, service ratio, visitor capture rate, sales per sq. M. Area), brand representation quality in outlets.