Ready-made business processes for large sales

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"Smartup Trade" - a software package for the automation of the work of sales representatives who collect information in outlets. And also a program for analysts, operators, delivery managers, supervisors, managers and business executives, which brings together the whole work of each of the employees, and also takes on the solution of mechanical tasks.

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Manage sales at a qualitatively new level                                                             

Work in “Smartup Trade” - begins with the automation of the sales process. It collects and fixes the entire history of the relationship with customers, so that every employee of the  the company could immediately offer the subsequent appeal client what he needs.

Accelerate all business processes of the company at any stage of development

Our company does not just know all modern systems of sales optimization, but also actively applies them in practice, making our solutions one of the most effective, since they are intended for small and large business segments.


All in one tool

Automation of trade can reduce a significant number of costs, you no longer need to print price lists and debit. All this is already there in the current state in "Smartup Trade". We save on office equipment, its maintenance and supplies. And this Only a direct reduction in costs that you can calculate right now. Business processes automated with "Smartup Trade" allow hiring less qualified personnel, while reducing costs of training and adaptation period for a new employee.

Product Overview

"Smartup Trade" allows you to manage sales in the distribution network, branches and outlets. The introduction of the product without changing the accounting system allows, if necessary, to adjust the functionality of the product, taking into account the specifics of the work of the organization and effectively manage the processes at any stage of the goods.

Accounting and control of branches in different countries through the one single system.

The ability to keep and get the necessary information from a single space.

The ability to keep and get the necessary information from a single space.