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Combine all the information about your customers in a single database. Contact details of doctors, distributors and pharmacies, history of interaction with them, structure of organizations will always be at hand. Having a 360 ° customer portrait, you can build the right interaction strategy and improve relationships with organizations and contacts.


Build individual processes for working with customers depending on their category. The system assigns categories to doctors and pharmacies, taking into account the number of core customers and the volume of recommendations. You can also segment customers by additional parameters, for example, seasonality, territory, cost of drugs, etc.

Hospital sales and networking

Manage hospital sales using a ready business-process. System will lead you step by step through the sale: From evaluation of medical preventive institution’s potential to result commitment. Purchase funnel will help to trace quantity of sales at each stage, conversion and transactions volume.

Management of Pharmacy Chain Agreements

Maintain agreements with pharmacy chain in single database. In each agreement, you can indicate important information in terms of products: minimum stocks, prices, merchandise display and promotional offers. Sign off on agreements under the finished process and keep scanned copies of the originals on the document card. The medical representative during visit to the pharmacy may note compliance with the active agreement using mobile application.

Cyclical tasks

Plan activities within cyclical tasks with a step-by-step wizard. The system will help to organize a promotion team, distribute the load on medical representatives and plan the frequency of communications. Pre-configured reports and schedules make it easy to carry out a plan-fact analysis of key indicators based on the results of cyclical tasks.

Medical Representative Management

Schedule visits for medical representatives, set visit rules for different categories of customers, and track the progress of your plan in Smartup Pharm.   In turn, field employees can view visit routes on a map, record merchandise display, drug balances, demonstrate interactive presentations directly in a mobile application, regardless of Internet connection.

Presentations management

Organize coordinated work on various presentations in medical preventive institution following the business process. The system helps to fix the date and place of each event, select the target audience based on the required criteria.

Sales planning

Plan sale of drug products in a convenient and familiar format. You can plan sales volumes by both managers and counterparties separately, and by type of counterparties as a whole, for example, sales to pharmacy chains. Evaluate sales plan performance.


Get extensive customer feedback with help of presentations. During the visit, medical representative can demonstrate a presentation to customer directly from the mobile device.


Analyse the company’s work and focus on bottlenecks using analytics tools. You can see sales in dynamics and analyse the current state, evaluate the effectiveness of managers and highlight the best ones. For example, a summary report of visits will help evaluate the intensity and effectiveness of communications with customers.

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