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  • Customer base

      Customer base is as a minimum a tool for development of company’s business and its sustainability support. Perhaps this is one of the few real, effective tools for business management. This is not just an electronic list, which is usually - and it is wrong! - considered to be customer base. A full-fledged customer base contains a large number of opportunities to help the manager, while an electronic list allows you to see only the number of customers and contact information - this is nothing more than an attempt to document customer relationships.

      Right customer base in “Smartup” SP

  • Customer base categorization

      Any company aimed at effective business always comes to understanding of the need to categorize customers in the database. Of course, at first, special attention is paid to attracting the maximum number of new customers who, after concluding the contract, become part of the customer database - a system containing information about existing orders and stimulating repeat sales.

      Practical research proves a low cost-effectiveness if marketing messages addressed to customers do not take into account customers’ interests and nature.

      For this reason, all work with customer database requires careful analysis and an individual approach. In order to build the most successful relationships with current customers and get the maximum benefit from costs for advertising, mailing lists and other marketing steps, customers should be divided into a number of categories. Then, the appropriate methods of exposure shall be chosen per each of the target groups of customers.

      Sell more efficiently with “Smartup Pharm”

  • Presentation of pharma drugs

      Pharma representative shall be tested for ability to present himself, promoted product and company.

      The specifics of pharma drugs promotion is that the pharma representative demonstrates the goods to professionals - a doctor or pharmacist, who understands the matter no worse than an employee of a pharmaceutical company does. In addition, the main purpose of the presentation is to convince the customer-expert to prescribe the promoted pharma drug.

      That is where Smartup Pharm can help you, presentation becomes much easier.

  • Analytics

      Whoever owns the information owns the world”, said Nathan Rothschild in an interview. A correctly planned strategy is one of the main secrets of building a successful business in conditions of heightened competition. Therefore, we paid great attention to creation of an analytical unit in our system. It includes several important tools for building the right analytic platform.

      The basis for any research is collection of information. We have already talked about the importance of removing the right balances. The entire collected history of past sales and balances at sales outlet is the basis for predicting future sales. Therefore, this information does not disappear, and you can always get data for analysis for any reporting period. This will support correct distribution of the quantity of released products and planning future sales volumes.

      Do not forget about the impact of competition on sales. The number of consumers in the market is limited and all competitors are forced to fight for them. No matter how well a company’s development strategy is built up, it may be derailed by one successful move of competitor. Competitive analysis allows the company to be sure that it will not be caught off balance. To analyse competitors with Smartup, either special forms of end-user questionnaires can be used to find out their preferences, or a simplified form of retail audit can be conducted, evaluating your products against similar competitors' products.

      All reporting forms can be automatically sent to e-mails of relevant departments and employees of the company. It allows you always staying in the know about the situation, even while away from the office.

      Graphs and charts are displayed on the main page of the program to visualize the analytical base.

      Of course, the question on how safe it is to store such data in one product arises. Special importance was paid on this matter. All data for reports stored on the servers is protected, and the SSL protocol or the VPN channel is used when exchanging information between the user and the server.

  • KPI (key performance indicators)

      The answer to the question what are the key performance indicators in trade is: these are indicators that help to track the level of business growth. They can be both tangible and intangible. They are most often used for long-term business performance assessment. They must be used constantly.

      Business can operate in various conditions, but there are universal KPIs that are applicable everywhere. They are separated according to their intended use:


      Sales level.
      Avoidance of possible losses.
      Goods availability.
      Staff wages.
      Customer service quality.
      Employees training.
      Additional costs.

      Definition of indicators gives management the opportunity to choose the most correct and effective direction. You can precisely measure the effectiveness of sales in store with this unique tool.


      These indicators are needed for the following:


      Businessperson can accurately assess the work of both the whole department and an individual employee with their help.
      Show strengths and weaknesses of the company.
      Help motivate sellers.
      Promote a clear separation of duties among staff.
      Thanks to the chosen development strategy, the company begins to work effectively


      Set flexible KPI together with Smartup.

  • Time control

      Needless to say how operational work is important for distribution companies. According to our customer surveys, the use of Smartup allows reducing the time of operator’s order processing by 40% in average and increasing area coverage by sales representative by 20%.

      Let us take a closer look at all these advantages using one working day of a sales representative as an example.

      With Smartup application, the pharma representative can start his working day directly in the "fields" saving time for the way to office, since a ready-made route schedule for the day is already loaded into his gadget. The visit plan can be drawn up both by the sales representative via phone and by the operator via the administrator’s panel of the program. Both methods take only a few minutes. Moreover, the route has already been optimized and the agent always has a built-in map with his retail points at hand, so that he can create the most convenient route schedule for himself.

      Therefore, we have defined visiting plans; now let us comment a visit to a point. We tried to make the interface as simple and convenient as possible so that filling out the items did not take up much time. So, for example, the program contains standard types of comments, which are added by the operator, and the agent only needs to tick off a necessary one instead of typing frequently repeated comments at each visit. Leftover stock module is filled in in a few clicks, as well as the module for monitoring of advertising equipment, promotional products and retail audits. In addition, to quicken the work with large lists, we have implemented a system of filtering by various parameters, that also saves time. And finally, when accepting an order, the program not only helps to automatically calculate all the data taking into account current prices and even discounts, but can also recommend the number of products to order, taking into account previous sales, so that it can be enough until the next visit of the sales representative.

      So, you get complete information about the visit by performing few simple steps, minimizing errors and increasing the quality of the information received. You just need to connect to Internet and send new order to operator in the office.


      Staff monitoring

      GPS tracking technology became permanent in a set of tools for staff management. Each manager knows that without proper control, efficiency of work outside office is only 50%. As in this case, nothing restrains employee from violating the planned schedule, resolving personal issues or earn extra money beyond the company. Therefore, location monitoring systems cannot be ignored. 

      Keep up to date with all events with Smartup Pharm SP.

  • Мulti-branch

      Many distributor companies have an extensive network of branches in all regions of the country. In such case, it is extremely important to divide the work between branches correctly.

      Imagine a company with a staff of mobile employees of more than 100 people, represented in all regions of Uzbekistan. The daily flow of incoming and outgoing information is enormous. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion, we have introduced a multi-branch system. Each region has its own separate section where it can establish own warehouses, own product line and sales representatives. Moreover, the region gets access only to its part of the information, which greatly facilitates the work of the operator. This avoids data processing slowdown and helps to optimize the work as much as possible.

      At the same time, the head office can receive a report on the work of each of the branches at any time.

      In addition, the ability to move stock balances between branches and to carry out mutual settlements is provided.

      The advantages of such a system are obvious. This not only saving time and labour resources, but also an increased level of security when working with a large amount of company’s confidential data.

      No need to forget that reporting can be generated both by the work of all branches as a whole, and by each individual branch.

      All this is implemented in Smartup SP already.

  • Planning and task manager

      We all definitely need “one-more-hour”, right? Often, simple self-organization and planning can help get out of the situation “always busy, but I don’t have time”. The first thing we recall when we say, “planning” is, of course, a daily planner. However, what if you are not one who is in love with stationary, who enjoys the simple rustle of pages, and challenge of weighting the bag does make happy? You can keep your notes right on your smartphone, which is probably always at hand.

      Today we have collected the most recommendable features to our mind that will help you organize your plans and notes inside the Smartup SP itself.  Manage your time by yourself!

  • Merchandising

      Market competition becomes strong. More and more efforts ate to be taken in order to sell more and more efficiently. It is necessary to collect merchandising information for better planning of trade activities. More and more companies oblige sales agents not only to draw up documents but also to collect data for sales analysis and planning when visiting a customer. These are such parameters like current balance, facing, merchandise display, availability of advertising materials, etc. The main purpose of the Smartup program is to automate the collection of applications, but at the same time, we have not forgotten about merchandising. Program provides two ways for it. At the time of placing an order, you can collect basic data, balance and facing. These are basic parameters and for most companies they are enough. However, we went further and added a wide range of merchandising features. For example, Smartup has an editor for creating polls of any complexity and content. Automation of merchandising with “Smartup Pharm”.

  • Retail audit

      If you wish to reduce costs and establish control over retail standards, then using such a tool as audit of sales outlets makes sense for you. 

      Most commonly retail audit is required in three cases.

      Firstly, for the developing retail operators whose growth potential is not realized yet. Usually they are interested in retail space optimisation, increase of operation efficiency of their staff, cost reducing, and improvement of work with stock reserve.

      Secondly, for the stagnating retail business. Usually these are small (up to 8-10 stores) retail chains with a limited administrative staff. Most often, they need help in stocks restructuring, staff motivation and quality control of the retail presentation.

      Thirdly, for the large retail chains. They are usually interested in assessing the work quality of staff (sellers, merchandisers, and administrators), work with KPI (average receipt amount, service rate, visitor engagement rate, sales per sq. m), and quality of brand representation in sales outlets.

      Use retail audit in “Smartup” PC

  • Time zone

      Smartup single system solves the tasks of security provision and increase of enterprise’s operation efficiency. The design of the Smartup system corresponds to the modern level of security systems development, including systems for improving management efficiency and real-time sales monitoring.

      Wherever you are, no matter how far from the office you are - you are always up to date with all the relevant data and observe any movements on the air. Reliability with Smartup.

  • Reporting

      Configuration provides convenient means of monitoring the current state of trading activity - turnover, assortment sufficiency, which provides for quick decision-making. Implemented reporting system is a powerful and flexible tool for analysing all aspects of trading activity and goods turnover of the enterprise.

      The user can get information about the state of warehouse stock, orders, sales, settlements in any analytical views with required details. For example, sales data by customers and items with breakdown by month can be obtained.


      Report designer

      Each user can create unlimited number of reports. You can also configure user access to reports for each entity. For convenience, the report can be displayed on the main page and in the menu.

      All this and many other things are already implemented in the Smartup SP. Find the right and appropriate reports for your business.

  • Feature access

      Feature access control - the development of a policy of selective access control, while the access rights of subjects of the system to objects are grouped taking into account the specifics of their application, forming roles.

      Feature access aims to define clear and understandable rules of access differentiation for computer system users. Feature access provides implementation of flexible access control rules that are dynamically changing during operation of a computer system.

      "Smartup" software package provides for flexible configuration by role. Each role exists within customizable limits of program usage, which prevents the user from unauthorized access to third-party modules.


      Confidentiality - necessity to prevent the disclosure of any information or anything. The policy of “Smartup” SP is based on confidentiality and protection of our customers' information.

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