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  • Accounting of consumable materials

      The program allows keeping records of receipts to warehouse and issuance of consumables, as well as planning their requirement based on statistics on consumption for past periods. Accounting and strict monitoring are the most important tasks of managing any enterprise and medical enterprise as well. 

      The activity of any enterprise in medical industry depends on many factors, and one of them is the organization of accounting and monitoring. In addition, properly organized accounting greatly facilitates the work of the head of the enterprise. Moreover, the more competent the head is, the more thoroughly control is performed at his enterprise. Indeed, as they say, trust, but check, together with "Smartup Medical".

  • Time zone

      Smartup single system solves the tasks of security provision and increase of enterprise’s operation efficiency. The design of the Smartup system corresponds to the modern level of security systems development, including systems for improving management efficiency and real-time visits monitoring.

      Wherever you are, no matter how far from the office you are - you are always up to date with all the relevant data and observe any movements on the air. Reliability with Smartup

  • Customer base

      Customer base is as a minimum a tool for development of company’s business and it’s sustainability support. Perhaps this is one of the few real, effective tools for business management. This is not just an electronic list, which is usually - and it is wrong! - considered to be customer base. A full-fledged customer base contains a large number of opportunities to help the manager, while an electronic list allows you to see only the number of customers and contact information - this is nothing more than an attempt to document relationship with patients.

      Right customer base in “Smartup” SP

  • Reporting

      With implementation of Smartup Medical you will get unified access to all actual data related to operation of your related structure. Software package allows generation any report forms necessary for work by analysing all the incoming information. Currently the basic version includes 15 types of reports. At the same time, the program can automatically generate reports for a certain period and send them by e-mail.

      Configuration provides convenient means of monitoring the current state of trading activity - turnover, assortment sufficiency, which allows for quick decision-making. Implemented reporting system is a powerful and flexible tool for analysing all aspects of medical enterprise.

      The user can get information about the state of warehouse stock, patients, visits, settlements in any analytical views with required details. For example, data on most popular service with breakdown by month can be obtained.

      All this and many other things are already implemented in the “Smartup Medical” SP. Find the right and appropriate reports for your business.

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