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Why is business automation so important for medical institutions - clinics, dentistry, etc.?

As practice shows, most of these enterprises lose a significant part of their profits for the same reasons.

  1. Lack of accurate accounting of supplies, drugs, parts, etc. Is this a familiar situation? At the end of the month, it is regularly revealed that it is not clear when, to whom, and for what cotton wool, bandages, medicines, and much more were released.
  2. Lack of a well-built customer relationship system. Yes, you probably have an Excel file on your desktop with the names and numbers of your customers. And ... that's all! Is it possible to build long-term relationships with patients based on these data? Definitely not.
  3. Lack of proper control over the work of staff. Often, the heads of medical facilities do not even realize what the quality of services provided by their company is. This shortcoming is because the system of monitoring of staff performance, as well as its assessment, is completely absent or is not of proper quality.
  4. The costs of paperwork maintaining and errors due to human factor.

Why it happens?

The root cause of these problems is the insufficiently thought-out system of the facility. In addition, various errors happening in the process of work cannot be ignored (eventually, everyone makes mistakes). What to do to avoid them?

Do not rush to answer this question. Relax and imagine the picture described below.

The costs of your business have decreased by 40% and now it brings you much more profit than before. At the same time, the quality of the services provided has become better than before, and the employees work in your clinic with pleasure.

In addition, you know exactly where from, when and why each of your customer came. You are aware of the matter that lead a customer to you and know what other services you can offer him in the future. In addition, most importantly - your customers know and love you, too!

Do you think this is impossible? Possible. But only subject to the automation of business processes and the right CRM system.

What can we offer medical facilities?

SMARTUP company conducted an analysis of the work of:

- dentistry;

- medical centres;

- clinics;

- laboratories;

- polyclinics.

Next, we found out exactly what kind of difficulties such organizations systematically face. Then we created special software systems and turnkey solutions for business processes automation in the industry.

Smartup ERP-system will solve a full range of problems associated with the operation of medical facilities. In particular:

- accounting for the supply and delivery of consumables, medical drugs, equipment and other property;

- generation and storage of a complete history of relationships with patients - from the first call to the current day, taking into account all visits, procedures, etc. The solution to this problem allows you to optimize the processes of interaction with clients, break down the client base into separate segments and as the result - to improve the quality of service;

- planning staff time and continuous work quality control;

- automatic creation of a unified customer base (patient files), taking into account the particular wishes of each separate customer, his medical history, treatment and final results;

- automation of the full cycle of work flow, generation of reports and other documentation in electronic form, taking into account all the data entered into the system;

- obtaining the full amount of information necessary for the development and subsequent adoption of management decisions;

- automatic accounting of the volume of services provided during the period;

- capability to assess the quality and quantity of work performed by each employee individually;

- plan-factor analysis of financial type transactions.

Benefits of our solutions for medical facilities

  1. Any software solution is implemented within 3-7 days.
  2. If necessary, a ready-made automation system can be equipped with additional modules. Thus, we adapt it to your business.
  3. Contacting us, you will find a reliable partner. SMARTUP products are in demand not only in Uzbekistan. We work with partners from Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries.

To know about our software solutions, please fill out the application on site. Or call us!

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