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Why do medical centres and facilities need business automation? At least because competition is becoming more and more fierce every year on medicine market of Uzbekistan, and customers are becoming increasingly demanding both in terms of the quality of medical services and the efficiency of their provision.

However, what kind of automation program can be suitable for dentistry, for a diagnostic centre, and for a medical clinic? We also tried to answer this question. As a result, we created a CRM system that allows optimizing all kinds of work processes in the field of medical services.

Yes, yes! Having not found the answer to this question, we developed our own software solution, which automates business processes in the treatment, diagnosis sectors and medical services as a whole. Such a solution was Smartup Medical ERP-system. Further - about the capabilities of this software package in more detail.

Business automation system Smartup Medical Benefits and capabilities

1. The first thing that distinguish this software solution from others is integrity. By selecting Smartup Medical, you will not need to spend money for additional programs. All possible functions and tools already present in one automation system.

2. Adaptability CRM system can be supplemented with new modules and thus is fully adapted specifically for your clinic or dentistry, taking into account the specific features of a particular business. 

3. Data protection. We understand how important it is to ensure the safety of information for a business. Especially in medical industry, for which data privacy is of great importance. That is why, when creating our system of automation and optimization of business processes, we ensured not only the most reliable data protection against unauthorized interference, theft and deletion, but also provided for the availability of access control systems.

4. High speed of adaptation, deployment and configuration. Deployment of described informational solution takes up to 7 days. It can be carried out without interruption of main operation. 


Now, briefly about what exactly Smartup Medical can do!

Smartup Medical: Business automation in medicine? Easily!

Smartup Medical will allow solving problems related to cash flow accounting and generation of customer base, as well as less typical problems that emerge in medical facility.

1. Automated accounting of consumable materials

With the help of our business automation system, you will always know how many consumables were delivered to the warehouse of your clinic, how many consumables, to whom and when were released. Based on statistics that generated automatically, you can also predict how many of any materials will be needed in the future. This module will simplify the process of materials accounting, as well as generation of a list of required purchases for future period. After all, monitoring and accounting of consumables is one of the most important and at the same time the most difficult aspect of activity of any medical facility or company. 

2. Security in real-time mode.

Smartup automation system for clinics and medical centers, is also a reliable solution for ensuring the company's security.

 Moreover, not only informational, but also physical security. 

One of the most non-standard features of this software solution is the option of real-time video surveillance of the office or the whole company. Now, even while travelling and on business trips, you can not only know, but see with your own eyes how things are going in the clinic - how many customers and on what issue visited your clinic, how well they were served, etc.

By the way, as practice shows, implementation of this module also has a positive impact on the efficiency of employees. As the employees know that manager is keeping an eye on them.

3. Customer base organization

Do you think the customer base is just a list with the names and phone numbers of customers? Smartup Medical will show you that in practice it is something more! 

A properly built base will allow you to get customer loyalty, repeated appeals on his part, and ultimately an impeccable reputation in the market of all Uzbekistan and beyond it.

4. Reporting documents

Do not want to spend time and efforts on reporting and preparation of various reports? And rightly so, it is better to use them with more benefit for business!

In addition, Smartup Medical will generate all the necessary reporting documentation independently, taking into account the data available in it. 

Note that in such case, the probability of occurrence of various kinds of errors nears to zero. That means that the quality of document management is also increasing.


Smartup Trade Workflow
Supervisors can track all the processes taking place in a medical facility. In addition, employees add all stages of services provision to customers and keep record of consumables and drugs. Test results and diagnoses for each customer are stored in the cloud, and during return visit of the same customer, his history will always be available.

Why can you entrust us the automation of your business?

Business automation in Uzbekistan is the main profile of our company. Our software have been tested not only by time, but also by companies operating in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, as well as other CIS countries.

If the selected software solution cannot fully satisfy the needs of your business, we will improve the system, introduce additional modules and adapt it to perform the necessary tasks with pleasure.
Do you want to know more or to see how it works?
Request a demo-version of Smartup Medical right now!

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