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  • Record of applicants and employees

      Smartup HR allows creating an unlimited number of candidates, as well as other various employees of company, both temporary and permanent, as well as linked to a specific organization and occupation in the future, and for a common information base. The possibility to transfer applicants from position to position, from one occupation to another, from one rank to another, is simple and convenient to use. In addition, binding to documents downloaded earlier, such as an order or other document will allow quick receiving and displaying necessary information about hiring or dismissing an employee.

  • Ready occupational profiles

      Since Smartup Hr allows maintaining an unlimited database of company employees and candidates, it becomes necessary to create a profile and configure it taking into account a variety of specialities, a trial period and an adaptation period, both for a specific individual employee and for a general employee, taking into account qualifications, rank, salary, work schedule, vacation schedule, etc., all this is flexible and easy in the program due to quick internal transition from section to section. These features greatly simplify the work of managers, helping to handle the same volume more efficiently.

  • Creation of organizational structure

      Creating a hierarchical system in Smartup HR for accounting and maintaining various departments and divisions of the company makes it possible to maintain employees under each of them both individually and massively, while not overlapping with each other due to flexible configuration of access to the system.

  • Work schedule

      Creation of both personalized and general work schedules, taking into account weekends, and other specificities of occupation with further link to a specific employee is available in the system today. If required, you can attach ACS (Access Control and Management System) and track the schedule of attendance and no-shows of employees, while at the same time keep the background payroll taking into account worked hours. In addition, it is possible to establish conditions for advance payments to employees and a flexible change in work schedule, but taking into account the previously established conditions corresponding to the occupation.

  • Time sheet reports

      Time sheet is created in Smartup HR automatically in accordance with the selected period and other conditions, and displays consolidated information about the department, position and hours worked. With addition, if necessary, additional viewing by current employees, as well as by transferred, dismissed and vacant.

  • Multi-channel approval system

      Employee transfer from one department to another, from one position to the next, from one occupation or job role to another, admission and dismissal of an employee may occur by including certain persons in the decision-making, without opinions of which certain transfer and decision are not valid. There is a multi-channel approval system in Smartup HR that can operate remotely to coordinate this format of actions or documents. There is no need to be in the office for approving person, just to enter his page under own account and confirm the action.

  • Payroll and advance payments

      Wages are calculated in Smartup HR automatically, taking into account the already established work schedule and the occupation previously created in profile, which is directly related to the calculation section.

  • ACS control

      It is possible to bind various ACS (access control and management system) to Smartup HR, for example, via a tablet or other device, which records the number of hours worked by an employee and makes control over worked hours more accurate. Based on the data received, the system will independently calculate the total time worked.

  • Motivation and fines

      The system of motivation and fines, being completely transparent, will maximize the efficiency of the company's employees. At the same time, it will control the working hours of employees and encourage compliance with labour discipline by issuing a bonus, or vice versa, deducting a certain amount for non-compliance.

  • Certifications and training

      This module allows keeping a history of all held trainings, including lecturers and students. Also to plan various kinds of training and other events. Then create various kinds of testing and certification of personnel with subsequent evaluation. This will allow you to assess the employee’s compliance with qualifications, rank and the position itself.

  • Data protection

      Flexible configuration in Smartup HR for each user has become even more convenient and easier. Already now, you can configure access to the system for each individual employee of the department. That is, you, as the head or manager of a department, have access to all the information available in the system, while another employee can be given access only to a certain part and to certain actions in it.


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