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If you are looking for a solution for business automation in the context of personnel management and HR, the Smartup HR CRM system will become your reliable assistant in matters of personnel training, payroll, and also in performing other tasks related to personnel management. 
ERP system: What is it? 


Smartup HR ERP system is a comprehensive software solution that will allow your company to abandon obsolescent paper workflow and take all personnel management processes to a completely new level.


Application of this software will provide:
- reduction of company’s financial expenses related with personnel by 50% or more;


- Reduction of temporary losses by 40% or more;


- Increase in employee satisfaction and motivation by 50%.



Smartup HR ERP integration: What tasks it can help to solve?

1. Record of applicants and employees. 
Automation of enterprise business processes using Smartup HR will allow you to keep a complete record of employees and candidates for a position in one database. Have you transferred an employee from one position to another? The system will record data on his career movements starting from resume review until dismissal, and will avoid inaccuracies in the data. 

2. Work schedule and management structure.
ERP system automatically forms the enterprise management structure, as well as time sheets and work schedules for various groups of employees. At the same time, the specifics of the company’s activities are fully taken into account. In addition, the capabilities of CRM allow for operational access control, recording of working time and non-attendance in automatic mode.

3. The ability to coordinate actions remotely.
Surely, every HR specialist at least once has faced a situation when hiring, dismissal or transfer of an employee to a new position require confirmation from the management. At the same time, the director or other decision-maker is not always located in the city and even in the country. As a result, HR specialists had to spend a lot of time on simple operations. Are such time-consuming costs justified? Of course not.
Using our ERP for business, you can organize a multi-channel system of interaction between company employees and inform on management decisions online. The decision maker only needs to log in the system and confirm his consent to this or that action. Moreover, he can be anywhere in the world.

4. Payroll and advance payments.
Thanks to the implementation of Smartup HR, the time spent on payroll and advance payments accounting is also reduced. An additional advantage of the module is minimization of possible errors that often occur when performing such operations in manual mode. 

5. Establishment of motivation and fines system
No successful company can exist without a proper motivation system. The situation is similar with fines for being late or untimely work performance. 
Thanks to Smartup HR, establishment and implementation of an unsparingly transparent system of motivation and fines takes a minimum of time. Using this function will allow not only to monitor performance level of each individual employee, but also to make incentive payments or withholding fines automatically.

6. Time efficient training of personnel with minimal loss of time and money.
Within the framework of Smartup HR, it is possible to plan employees training, to record the time allotted for additional training and proficiency enhancing, as well as to create a testing and certification system. 


Smartup HR Workflow
Smartup HR allows head of the company and HR director to see the entire structure of the company, all settlements with staff and current situation in HR department. It is easier for HR managers to keep records of personnel, carry out certification and selection of candidates.


Smartup HR ERP configuration: What else is important to know?

We understand that each business has individual characteristics. Therefore, our company is ready to offer you something more than an automation system. 

The capabilities of Smartup HR are as flexible as possible. This feature allows optimizing it for the needs of any company - from small private company to large corporation. Customization is carried out by implementation of additional modules.

An additional advantage of the software package is the speed of implementation. It takes 5-7 days and is carried out without the need to interrupt the main business of the company. This means that having trust in us, your company can continue operating in previous mode, and within a week - start using new opportunities that it will face with Smartup HR!

The main activity of our company is business automation in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and throughout the CIS. The range of successfully implemented developments includes also comprehensive solutions for trading companies, medical facilities and pharmaceutical enterprises.

Do you want to know more about our products and us? Call us right now; otherwise, your competitors may leave you behind!

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