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Trade automation is an aspect that needs to be considered at the very beginning of business planning. It is relevant for companies specializing in the sale of electronics, home appliances, and other goods.

Of course, the key tasks that need to be addressed in this case are:

  • communication chain reducing between the seller and the distributor.
  • possibility of prompt delivery of goods to the customer;
  • expense minimization, which is invariably included in the cost of goods.

Today we are ready to offer you an integrated solution for your business automation. In this case, we do not care where you are. Our company specializes in development of automation systems not only for businesspersons in Uzbekistan, but also in Kazakhstan, as well as in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Moreover, the Smartup product line has already gained wide popularity in foreign countries. The assortment of our developments is constantly replenished, which allows us to remain market leaders.

So what exactly do we offer?

SMARTUP CRM-systems: complex automation of business processes in 7 days

Smartup ERP systems for trade automation will make the company’s activities more profitable within 1 month after implementation. The implementation and commissioning itself takes no more than 7 days. Next - you start to get a net profit.

How do we do this? Read on!

Features of the Smartup software package

We do not say that our business automation systems will sell your product on their own. But they will allow you to automate trade and bring your company's business processes to a whole new level.

Think about how much time, nerves and money you and your employees spend each year on paper workflow. How much do you incur due to inaccuracies in inventory control? Using our IT solutions, you can automate all such processes and refuse paperwork, and use the spare money and time to develop your enterprise and generate additional income. In addition, with electronic document management, the risk of errors in documentation is also reduced.

Smartup will improve your customer experience by making your advertising messages more personalized. So - effective. After all, any client is pleased to think that you remember exactly about him and his problems.

Now try to calculate how much money you paid to unproductive agents for the previous year. Moreover, how much could you save if you refused from them right away? Alternatively, were able to competently motivate them for a better result. Sales automation using our software solutions will help you quickly plan the working hours of employees, create an effective motivation system and understand how effectively each department or even an individual employee works.

We also provided for the possibility of calculating performance indicators. At the same time, you can control the whole network of branches of your company using only 1 software package.

Our systems will help in solving HR issues as well. Software package automatically performs control and accounting of working hours, helps create a system of incentives and fines, and allows you to automate many other aspects of personnel accounting.

But what about communication with suppliers? We have not forgotten about them!

Using the Shopper module implemented in our Trade system, you can place orders for the supply of goods directly from the manufacturer or official distributor. So, it has become much easier now to purchase the right products without intermediaries and extra margins!

By the way, this solution will also allow manufacturers and distributors to expand their customer base, increase the efficiency of order processing and track all payments made in real time.

Want to know more about our products and offered features? Then call us right now or see DEMO versions of Smartup software solutions - HR, Trade and others.

Smartup: Sales automation is the key to the success of your business!

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